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Plain English Terms & Conditions in brief

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Plain English Terms & Conditions

  1. English law governs any agreement. Any legal action must take place in courts in the United Kingdom.
  2. Any agreement entered into cancels all other agreements or other discussions about the same transaction. The Dept679 Order Form contains information which is part of any agreement.
  3. Dept679 will be the only body able to determine the adequacy of the services it offers, because there is little or no guidance about what is required, but Dept 679 will review the adequacy of the services offered regularly.
  4. If Dept679 is found to be liable for any costs or damages to to you, that liability is limited to the value of any invoices already raised against you.
  5. Because costs change over time, Dept679 will add a reasonable cost of living increase to the monthly fee each year.
  6. Customers undertake to pay invoices on time, including any cost of living increase.
  7. Customers may cancel any agreement at any time by telling us you want to. There is a 30 day notice period.
  8. If an agreement is cancelled early, there is a need to make a balancing payment to Dept679. This is because most of the cost of the service happen in the early stages, but those are spread over the whole life of the agreement.
  9. The balancing payment is calculated according to a relatively simple sum. It is not punitive, and only ensures costs are covered.
  10. The current version of the full Terms and Conditions are available on request, and on our website here.


The trading address is:

Dept679 Ltd
6 Den Crescent
TQ14 8BQ

The registered address is:

Dept679 Ltd
Old Landscore House
Alandale Road
TQ14 8NW

Terms & Conditions

The above plain English terms and conditions are a simplified version of the full Terms and Conditions available below.