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Flybe try to comply with GDPR ... but pick up a fine instead

Gaining consent is tricky, when you don't have ... consent (?)

In August 2016 Flybe sent an e-mail to an individual titled “Are your details correct?” advising them to amend any out of date information and update any marketing preferences. This e-mail also instructed that by updating their preferences they may be entered into a prize draw.

Someone complained they had previously opted out of marketing emails from Flybe.

The ICO told Flybe 'organisations cannot e-mail an individual to consent to future marketing messages.'

Flybe thought that because they were 'cleansing' their data it did not constitute a marketing email.

The ICO seemed to overlook this argument, and note that Flybe couldn't show they had consent.

Flybe were fined £70,000.

You can read the full report here.

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