About Dept679

What is Dept679, why and how does it come about?

Why does Dept679 exist?

To provide organisations with excellent advice and guidance to ensure they respect the rights and freedoms of data subjects and protect data assets while not distracting from or compromising the results of core operations.

So what is special about Dept679?

Dept679 has been shaped by business people with experience of running organisations across the globe. It puts the success of your organisation right at the front of it's thinking.

The experience of running businesses, is combined with formal management qualifications including MBA's and Diploma's in Company Direction. Specialist expertise in the field of information security is provided by CIS Lead Implementers and Lead Auditors and Certified GDPR Practitioners.

The approach has been designed to minimise the effort required by your organisation, whilst providing excellent personal data protection advice, so protecting the rights and freedoms of data subjects.

The pricing model recognises the heavy up front cost can be prohibitive, especially for smaller entities, so Dept679 spreads it across the lifetime of the contract.

You should be freed from the need to worry about data protection and information security, and enabled to concentrate on doing what you do best!

Why the odd name?

GDPR doesn't just apply in the UK, it applies across Europe. But it isn't called that everywhere, in France for example, it's called RGPD, in Germany it's DSGV.

Dept679 has grand ideas. The law is identical in every member state, so the solution is applicable in all countries, this required a name that worked equally (poorly?) everywhere.

But GDPR is the 679th regulation created by the EU, and Dept is almost universal, for department (except in Germany, sorry), so we settled on this name.

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